System Sentry Devices Screen

About this task

The Devices screen provides statistics concerning the communication to a factory device.

todo:   To choose a device for evaluation:


  1. Click the button to the right of the Device ID bar.

    The Select a Device dialog box opens.

  2. Select the device to be evaluated.
    guide:  Guidelines for reading the Devices screen include:
    • Review the number of transmissions per second (Transm/Sec) and responses per second (Resp/Sec) to and from the device are meeting your polling requirements.
    • Make sure Failures and Retries are zero. Non-zero values indicate a problem. They could indicate that the device is being turned off or the communication link to the device is periodically failing.
    • Check the Skipped Polls to determine if too many points are being polled too fast. If they are, you will need to reduce the polling rate to a rate that can be sustained by the communication media and PLC.