System Sentry Logging Screen

CIMPLICITY maintains several Logging tables that document data, alarm and event statistics, in addition to other processes such as SPC.

The System Sentry Logging screen enables you to see the total number of entries to the different log files.

guide:  Guidelines for using the Logging screen include:
  • The Table Total is the total for all the tables that exist within the computer that are being registered by any Data Log Manager on that computer including Point Data Log, Event Log and Alarm Log.
  • The Table Totals, including number of Writes, Reads, Queue and Maintenance Actions are the totals that have occurred since the project has been running on the computer that is being monitored.
  • The gauge shows how many Writes/Sec are actually occurring.


For Data Log, Writes/Sec keeps an average, how fast logging is occurring onto the Data Log table.

Note: When a queue overflow is reported, it includes the number of overflows seen on this table since the logger was started. This value may be used to assess the correct setting for the DB_QUEUE_SIZE parameter.