Remove Tags Using Historian Administrator

About this task

Deleting a tag only removes it from the browse list; the data remains intact in the Archive and can be queried by tag name. It is recommended that you export your tag configuration before and after tag modifications.


  1. On Historian Administrator Main page, select the Tags link on the toolbar.
    The Tag Maintenance page appears.
  2. Select the name of the tag you want to remove.
    To remove multiple tags:
    • Select a tag to highlight it.
    • Select multiple tags by pressing the Control key and selecting the individual tags.
    • Select contiguous tags by pressing the Shift key and selecting the first and last tags of the sequence.
  3. Select the Delete button.
    The Delete Tag window appears.
  4. Select either Remove Tag from System or Stop Data Collection and select OK.
    If you want to stop collection temporarily and resume collection later for a specified time, you can disable collection for that tag instead. To do this, select the tag on the Tag Maintenance page, select Collection, and then select the Disable option for the Collection field.