Browse a Data Source for New Tags Using Historian Administrator

Before you begin

To browse for new tags, your collector must be running. If it is not running, start the collector.

About this task

The most common way to add tags to an Historian Database is to browse the data source for new tags.
Note: Performing large tag browses in Historian Administrator may cause your session to time out. Use the browse filter criteria to return a smaller list. In the Non-Web Administrator, if your OPC server supports hierarchical organization of your tags, see Adding Tags for Collectors with Hierarchical Browsing to speed browse sessions.


  1. Open the Historian Non-Web Administrator.
  2. Select the Collectors link from the toolbar.
    The Collector Maintenance page appears.
  3. If you have multiple collectors listed, select a collector from the Collectors list.
  4. To browse for new tags from your data source, select Add Tags at the bottom of the page.
    The Add Multiple Tags From Collector window appears.

  5. In the Show Only field, select either All Source Tags or Source Tags Not Collected.
    If you select the second option, the browse returns only the tags that are not currently included for collection.

    If a Historian tagname is different from its source address tagname, the source tag is displayed in the returned list even if you browse the collector using the Show Source Tags Not Collected criterion. Collection on the same source address using a unique tagname is allowed.

    A check mark beside a tag indicates that the tag is currently being collected. Absence of a mark indicates that the tag is not currently being collected.

  6. In the Source Tagname and Description fields, you can optionally enter masks for the browse, using standard Windows wildcard characters.
  7. Select Browse to initiate the search or Reset to start over.
    The browse returns a list of tags, as shown in the following figure. In the Historian Non-Web Administrator, a tag that is currently collected appears in black type. A tag that is not currently collected appears in blue type.

    See also Add Multiple Tags from a Collector Using Historian Administrator.