Collect Vendor Attributes Using Historian Administrator

About this task

Data sources are often customized to include information specific to a site's installation in the form of vendor attributes. This customization adds data not covered by the OPC or OPCAE specifications and may or may not require storage in the Historian Archive. As a result, Historian Administrator provides a means to specify which vendor attributes will be collected from any given data source. A maximum of 10 vendor attributes can be collected.


  1. In the Historian Administrator Main page, select the Collectors link in the toolbar.
    The Collector Maintenance page appears.
  2. Select Configuration.
  3. To collect all vendor attributes from the data source, select All.
  4. To collect up to 10 selected vendor attributes from the data source:
    1. Select the Selected option.
    2. Select Add to add a vendor attribute to collect from the data source.
      The Vendor Attributes window appears.
    3. In the Vendor Attribute field, enter the vendor attribute you wish to collect from the data source and select OK.
      The vendor attribute appears in the list box on the Collector Configuration page.
  5. To remove a vendor attribute, select it in the list box and select Remove.
  6. Select Update to apply your changes.