About Configuring Collector Options

If you are using Historian Administrator, configure collector options as follows:
  • Start at the Collector Maintenance page in Historian Administrator. You can access the Collector Maintenance page in several ways:
    • Select the Collectors link in any of the major pages in Historian Administrator.
    • Select the collector name in the Collectors section of Historian Administrator Main page. This displays the page with the specific collector already selected.
The Collector Maintenance page lists all connected collectors at the left of the page. The right-side displays parameter values, in several tabs, for the collector you select by selecting on a name in the list.
  • To make a change in a configurable parameter, enter the value in the appropriate field and select Update. For more information, refer to Historian Administrator.
If you are using the Web Admin console,
  • Go to the Collectors page. This displays the list of available collectors and their status. You can edit the collector configurable parameters.
  • From the Collector Maintenance page or the Collector page, select the various tabs to display parameters of various types for the specific collector you have selected.

    For more information, refer to Historian Web Administrator Help.