Offline Configuration for Collectors

Offline Configuration helps you to define the configuration properties of a collector (Taglist, Tag properties, and collector interface properties) in XML format. This feature is particularly useful when collectors connect to the Predix Cloud.

When collectors connect to both Historian server and cloud, the Historian Web Admin console (VB admin or Historian Web admin) provides you the opportunity to add tags, set tag configuration properties, and collector interface properties.

However, when collectors connect to the Predix Cloud, there is no admin console available. Therefore, to add and configure tags when the collector connects to the cloud, you need to use offline configuration.

The path to the Offline Tag ConfigurationFile is provided in the collector registry as: OfflineTagConfigurationFile (Data Type: String). This key contains the path to offline configuration file. For Server to Server Collector the default value is: C:\Program Files (x86)\GE Digital\Historian Server to Server Collector\Config\S2S_Offline_Config.xml

The following tag properties are required for Cloud collector tags:

Mandatory properties for non-historical collector (PI to Cloud, OPCUA to Cloud etc)

Tagname, Data Type and Source Address

Mandatory properties for historical collector (Server to Cloud)

Tagname, Data Type, Source Address and CalculationDependency

All other properties are not mandatory.