Manually Adding New Tags

Typically, you add new tags to the Historian by browsing the data source or by bulk importing a group of tags with the Excel Add-In tool. Occasionally, you may need to add a single tag manually. You can add tags manually:
  • for creating a calculation tag.
  • for holding values that are added using the Excel Add-In or custom SDK application.
  • for testing purposes.

For example, if you are currently not connected to a collector, the browse is slow, or is not supported, and if you want to configure tags associated with that collector, you can add them manually.

When adding a tag manually, you must manually configure the fields for the tag that the Add Tag Manually window does not include. For instance, when you add a tag manually, the Data Type field does not automatically populate after you select a Source Address. You must manually set the data type from the Collection section after you add the tag. Use caution when selecting the data type. If you select the wrong data type, you most likely will get incorrect data or you could even lose data. It does not use the collector default settings, such as those for archive and collector compression, as it would with the browse and pick.