Connect to the Remote UAA Service

Before you begin

Provide the details of the external UAA while installing Web-based Clients.

About this task

To host a UAA service, you can use the same machine on which Web-based Clients are installed or a different one. This topic describes how to connect to a UAA service that is set up on a machine different from the one on which you have installed Web-based Clients.


  1. Access the Web Admin console.
  2. Select Not Secure, and then select Certificate.
  3. Select the root CA certificate in the Certificate Path section.
    The Certificate Export Wizard window appears.
  4. Select the Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER) format.
  5. Install the certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authorities store.
  6. Rename the certificate file from .cer to .pem.
  7. Access Certificate Management Tool.
  8. Access the External Trust section and import the renamed certificate.
  9. Select No when prompted to restart GeOphubMasterStarter.
  10. Restart the GE Historian Tomcat service.
  11. Reopen the browser.

What to do next

Map the user groups of the remote UAA service with the Historian UAA group