Upgrade Historian


To upgrade a Historian component, run the installer for the component. The component is upgraded automatically. For example, if you want to upgrade the Historian server, install the Historian server.

Things to Remember

  • If you are upgrading from either Historian 6.0 Enterprise or previous releases of Historian 7.2 (including any of the service packs), this installation option will remove both Client Manager and Configuration Manager. This will have no impact on your data or use of Historian unless you intend to use a distributed system.
  • If you want to upgrade Web-based Clients:
    • When you upgrade, Web-based Clients and associated data will be lost. Therefore, back up the Web-based Clients and associated data using the uaa_config_tool utility provided in the Utilities folder of the ISO package. For information, refer to Migrate User Authentication Data from Historian to Common UAA Service.
      Tip: After installation, uaa_config_tool is available in the following folder as well: <installation drive of Historian>\Program Files\GE Digital\Historian Config
    • You cannot upgrade Web-based Clients to 8.0. This is because, starting 8.0, Web-based Clients are installed separately (not as part of the Historian server installation). Therefore, if you want to upgrade Web-based Clients, you must do either of the following:
      • Install Web-based Clients on a new machine.
      • Uninstall the server (back up UAA), and then install Web-based Clients.
    • If the machine name has changed, you must uninstall and reinstall Web-based Clients.
    • If you want to use a different UAA server from the previous one, you must manually migrate the UAA data to new UAA server using the uaa_config_tool utility.
    • If you want to switch from using a local UAA to using an external UAA (or vice versa), you must manually change the UAA details.
  • If you want to upgrade collectors earlier than version 7.1, additional registries that you create manually are deleted. Therefore, we recommend that you back them up, uninstall the collectors, and then install the latest version.
  • If you want to upgrade Historian Alarms and Events:
    • If Alarms and Events were installed prior to Historian 7.0, you must install them separately.
    • If you want to upgrade from Historian 4.5, since the database schema are different, if you select the same database name that is pre-populated by default, you will get an error message: Later or Higher version of Alarms and Events database is already installed. Hence, you cannot proceed further. You need to enter a different database name and then proceed with the upgrade.