Setting Up the Historian Environment

Before you begin

Identify the computers that will function as your clients, data collectors, administration workstations, and archiver.


  1. Set up each computer.
    See Minimum Hardware Requirements for a Standard Historian, and refer to the user manual that accompanies each component for the setup information.
  2. Use a login account with administrator rights so that you can install Historian later.
    See Software Requirements, and refer to the user manual that accompanies each software product for the setup information.
  3. Activate the license key on your Historian server node. Additional licenses may be required on other nodes (such as mirroring and collector nodes) depending on your configuration requirements. See Historian Licenses.
  4. Disable the guest account in Windows security if you want to limit authentication to known Windows users only.
  5. Ensure that the protocols and ciphers (TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2) required to install Historian are available.