Step 2. Select a Target Programmable Controller


  1. Enter the device's address in the Controller Address field.
    Note: This is the same format you use when defining a device address in CIMPLICITY software.

    For programmable controllers attached directly to your computer

    1. Either point to point via RS-232 or on an RS-422 link,
    2. Enter the programmable controller's Station Number, using the following format:

    <station number>


      < station number > is a hexadecimal number with a valid range of 0 to 1F.

    Examples of local addresses

    1A and 2

    For programmable controllers on a MELSECNET or MELSECNET/B subnetwork

    To be accessed via a programmable controller connected to your computer

    1. Use the following format:

    < station number >.< PC CPU number >


    < station number > is the station number of the programmable controller on the local serial network acting as the MELSECNET(/B) gateway and <PC CPU number> is the address assigned to the data link module attached to MELSECNET(/B).

    1. Make entries in hexadecimal with a valid range of:
    • 0 to 1F for the station number
    • 0 to 40 for PC CPU number.

    Examples of MELSECNET addresses

    3.10, A.1A, and 0.1

    If you enter an invalid programmable controller address, an error message displays on the status line. You must enter a valid address to continue.

  2. (After you enter a valid programmable controller address) make a selection in the Controller Model field.

    Tip: You can click on the down arrow beside the field to view the list of valid selections.

    Once you select a controller model, the Read and Write Data address fields are enabled.

    Option 2.1 Read data.
    Option 2.2 Write data.