Supported Memory Types

Memory Types Access
Digital Read/Write
Register * Read/Write
Extended Register * Read/Write
System Status Register Read

* On 620-15, 620-20 and 620-30 programmable controllers, register data is represented in 17 bits. When accessing these registers, using the register memory type, values between 0 and 32767 will display consistently between CIMPLICITY and the programming software. For the aforementioned processors, for values outside of this range, the extended register memory type should be used. When the extended memory type is used, 17 bit values are converted to 32 bits. This 32 bit representation can be mapped to a standard CIMPLICITY point type. (Analog_32 signed, for example). For 620 programmable controllers which represent the register data using 16 bit registers.

When floating point data values are configured, they must be mapped over the register type only. Extended register will not support floating point data. One floating point value consumes two 16-bit registers of storage, so arrays of floating point values consume twice as many registers as they contain elements.