Step 3. Set up each Viewer

Distribute the Advanced Viewer files

When your user ptopc_config.xml files and user interface files are ready, distribute them to each Viewer that will use them.

  • Make sure that the OPC Server is installed and registered correctly for the node entered in the ptopc_config.xml file.
  • Replace the empty ptopc_config.xml file with the version configured for that Viewer in the viewer's ..\Proficy CIMPLICITY\data directory.
  • Copy the Advanced Viewer CimEdit/CimView files (.cim) and Point Control Panel files (.ppl) to the Viewer.

Start the Advanced Viewer on the Viewer

Start the Advanced Viewer on the viewer or viewers on which it should be running.

Result: The Advanced Viewer will collect and display the selected item ID's from the selected OPC Server.