Square D SY/MAX Test Program

A stand-alone test program, sd_test.exe, is provided. This program provides direct communication between CIMPLICITY software and a SY/NET Network Interface Module, or between the CIMPLICITY software and a Programmable Logic Controller.

The test program can be used to:

  • Verify port, network, and interface unit communication parameters.
  • Verify line, network, and hardware functionality and operability.
  • Directly access (for reading or writing) a specific PLC register location.
  • Dump or clear some or all of the PLC user registers.
  • Examine the send and receive message buffer content.
  • Collect transmission statistics of the current configuration.
  • Verify device information response.

You cannot use the test program while the CIMPLICITY Square D Communications enabler is running.

If the protocol for Square D is copyrighted or declared to be trademark or proprietary, or there are very restrictive conditions on copying the manual, obtain written permission from Square D to display the command or response buffers in the test program.