DlgVisible (function)

Syntax DlgVisible (ControlName$ | ControlIndex)
Description Returns True if the specified control is visible; returns False otherwise .
The ControlName$ parameter contains the name of the .Identifier parameter associated with a control in the dialog box template. Alternatively, by specifying the ControlIndex parameter, a control can be referred to using its index in the template (0 is the first control in the template, 1 is the second, and so on). A runtime error is generated if DlgVisible is called with no user dialog is active.
Sub Main()
  If DlgVisible("Portrait") Then Beep
  If DlgVisible(10) And DlgVisible(12) Then
    MsgBox "The 10th and 12th controls are visible."
  End If
End Sub
See Also DlgControlId (function); DlgEnable (function); DlgEnable (statement); DlgFocus (function); DlgFocus (statement); DlgListBoxArray (function); DlgListBoxArray (statement); DlgSetPicture (statement); DlgText (statement); DlgText$ (function); DlgValue (statement); DlgValue (statement); DlgVisible (function).