You can run a Python script in response to an event.

Steps to execute a Python script:

  1. In the Event Editor, create the event for which you want to run a python script. Refer Step 3. Configure an Event
  2. Create an action and add the Run Script action type to the event. Refer Step 4. Create an Action and Run Script Actions
  3. Create a new Python Script or add an existing Python script to the action.
Note: You can also create Python scripts from the Scripts section in the Workbench, and then add it to an event.

Video Links

Watch the following videos for demos on Python Scripting:
Basic Python Scripting - Part 1 (4:27)

Basic Python Scripting - Part 2 (5:52)

Basic Python Scripting - Part 3 (6:12)

When the event (for which you have configured Python script) occurs, the Python script gets executed, and you can view the status of the action in the Basic Control Engine User Interface (BCE UI). You can also stop a script execution from BCE UI. Refer Control Scripts.

The Proficy Code Editor enables you to create and edit Python scripts. You can also use other editor such as VSCode with CIMPLICITY. The Proficy Code Editor files are located <install location>/Proficy CIMPLICITY/ProficyCode

You can access the Python distribution at <install location>/Proficy CIMPLICITY/python3.

proficy_code_launcher is located at <install location>/ Proficy CIMPLICITY/exe. It sets the environment variables to run Python. You can launch the code editor using proficy_code_launcher and set the environment variables silently.