DatePart (function)

Syntax DatePart (interval$,date)
Description Returns an Integer representing a specific part of a date/time expression.
Comments The DatePart function decomposes the specified date and returns a given date/time element. The following table describes the parameters:
Parameter Description
Interval$ String expression indicating the specific time interval you wish to find the difference between.
Date Any expression convertible to a Date. An example of a valid date/time string would be " January 1, 1995" .
The following table lists the valid time interval strings and the meanings of each. The Format$ function uses the same expressions.
Time Interval
"y" Day of the year
"yyyy" Year
"d" Day
"m" Month
"q" Quarter
"ww" Week
"h" Hour
"n" Minute
"s" Second
"w" Weekday
The weekday expression starts with Sunday as 1 and ends with Saturday as 7.
Example This example displays the parts of the current date.
Const crlf = Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)
Sub Main()
  today$ = Date$
  qt = DatePart("q",today$)
  yr = DatePart("yyyy",today$)
  mo = DatePart("m",today$)
  wk = DatePart("ww",today$)
  da = DatePart("d",today$)
  s$ = "The current date is:" & crlf & crlf
  s$ = s$ & "Quarter   : " & qt & crlf
  s$ = s$ & "Year  : " & yr & crlf
  s$ = s$ & "Month   : " & mo & crlf
  s$ = s$ & "Week   : " & wk & crlf
  s$ = s$ & "Day  : " & da & crlf 
  MsgBox s$
End Sub
See Also Day (function); Minute (function); Second (function); Month (function); Year (function); Hour (function); Weekday (function), Format (function).