About the Basic Control Syntax

This section contains a complete, alphabetical listing of all keywords in the Basic Control Engine script language. When syntax is described, the following notations are used:

Notation Description
While...Wend Elements belonging to the Basic Control Engine script language, referred to in this manual as keywords, appear in the typeface shown to the left.
variable Items that are to be replaced with information that you supply appear in italics. The type of replacement is indicated in the following description.
text$ The presence of a type-declaration character following a parameter signifies that the parameter must be a variable of that type or an expression that evaluates to that type. If a parameter does not appear with a type-declaration character, then its type is described in the text.
[parameter] Square brackets indicate that the enclosed items are optional. In Basic Control Engine script language, you cannot end a statement with a comma, even if the parameters are optional:
MsgBox "Hello",,"Message"   '
MsgBox "Hello",,       '
<-- Not valid
{Input | Binary} Braces indicate that you must choose one of the enclosed items, which are separated by a vertical bar.
... Ellipses indicate that the preceding expression can be repeated any number of times.