About the BCEUI

Use the Basic Control Engine User Interface (BCEUI) to connect to CIMPLICITY projects in your enterprise and monitor events. With this user interface, you can:

  • View the status of actions executed by selected events in various projects.
  • Pause, resume, and stop scripts executed by events.
  • Manually trigger events.
  • Configure a view of projects and events and save the configuration in a file for recall.

The BCEUI window displays the status of actions triggered by events that are currently being monitored by BCEUI. You can use the Paused option to display this list in dynamic or paused mode.

  • In dynamic mode, the list is automatically refreshed as events occur or change status.
  • In paused mode, the list remains fixed until you update it. To update the list, you can select Refresh from the View menu, or press F5.

Note the following about the display:

  • Actions for all running projects that BCEUI is connected to are displayed in black.
  • If BCEUI is connected to a CIMPLICITY project and monitoring events, and the project stops:
  • All events for the project are grayed out in the Properties dialog box.
  • Triggering is disabled for events in the stopped project.
  • A $Disconnected event displays in the main window with a message telling you which project is stopped. This event runs and tries to reconnect to the project until either the project starts or you close your BCEUI session.
  • All unfinished actions in the main window are grayed out to indicate that their current status is unknown.
  • When a CIMPLICITY project that BCEUI is attempting to connect to restarts, grayed actions are redisplayed in black and refreshed to their current status.