DDERequest, DDERequest$ (functions)

Syntax DDERequest [$](channel,DataItem$)
Description Returns the value of the given data item in the receiving application associated with the open DDE channel.
Comments DDERequest$ returns a String , whereas DDERequest returns a String variant. The DDERequest/DDERequest$ functions take the following parameters:
Parameter Description
channel Integer containing the DDE channel number returned from DDEInitiate. An error will result if channel is invalid.
DataItem$ String containing the name of the data item to request. The format for this parameter depends on the server.
The format for the returned value depends on the server.
Example This example sets and retrieves a cell in an Excel spreadsheet.
Sub Main()
  Dim cmd,q,ch%
  q = Chr(34) ' Define quotation marks.
  id = Shell("c:\excel5\excel.exe",3) 'Start Excel.
  ch% = DDEInitiate("Excel","Sheet1")
  On Error Resume Next
  cmd = "[ACTIVATE(" & q &"SHEET1" & q & ")]" 'Activate worksheet.
  DDEExecute ch%,cmd
  DDEPoke ch%,"R1C1","$1000.00"   'Send value to cell.
  'Retrieve value and display.
  MsgBox "The value of Row 1, Cell 1 is: " & DDERequest(ch%,"R1C1")
  DDETerminate ch%
  Msgbox "Finished..."
End Sub
See Also DDEExecute (statement); DDEInitiate (function); DDEPoke (statement); DDESend (function); DDETerminate (statement); DDETerminateAll (statement); DDETimeout (statement).