Dialog (statement)

Syntax Dialog DialogVariable [,[DefaultButton] [,Timeout]]
Description Same as the Dialog function, except that the Dialog statement does not return a value.
Example This example displays an Abort/Retry/Ignore disk error dialog box.
Sub Main()
  Begin Dialog DiskErrorTemplate 16,32,152,48,"Disk Error"
    Text 8,8,100,8,"The disk drive door is open."
    PushButton 8,24,40,14,"Abort",.Abort
    PushButton 56,24,40,14,"Retry",.Retry
    PushButton 104,24,40,14,"Ignore",.Ignore
  End Dialog
  Dim DiskError As DiskErrorTemplate
  Dialog DiskError,3,0
End Sub
See Also Dialog (function); DlgProc (function)