How can I troubleshoot technical issues with my license activation?

The following are suggestions you can try to resolve the issue or isolate the problem:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Common Licensing Review the License Documentation and visit for more information
  • Use the Support Knowledge Base at to research the issue
  • Contact Technical Support at to create a technical support case

How do I log in to the GE Digital Support website?

In order to download Common Licensing, you are required to log into the GE Digital support site with an SSO (Single Sign On) ID. You need to register for an SSO account (click the ‘Register’ link on webpage), or contact Sales Support to help set up your SSO account.

Note: This is a different login than the one used to log cases at the Customer Center (https://digitalsupport ge com/communities/CC_Login).

How do I get an emergency activation code or license?

If you have a plant-down situation, GE Digital can issue a temporary activation code or license that can be installed immediately on your computer. Contact Sales Support for assistance, or if the issue occurs outside of business hours, contact Technical Support. Visit and click Contact Us for support phone numbers.