Licensing Features

Proficy Common Licensing simplifies administration and support while providing more secure license activation and management.

You can use Common Licensing to:

  • View current licenses for GE products on your computer.
  • Choose your licensing method: Internet, local intranet, GE USB hardware key, file-based.
  • Manage your licenses: Activate, return, refresh, and clean.

Migrating to Cloud-based Licensing

Before migrating to cloud-based licensing, you must remove your existing licenses on the client devices.

If you are currently using a legacy license and have received an upgrade file, update your legacy license.

License Client

Use the License Client to activate, review, and update licenses on a client device or a GE USB hardware key. Depending on your configuration, the License Client retrieves licenses from the GE Cloud License Server, a Local License Server on your intranet, or a GE USB hardware key. Unless you are using a GE USB hardware key, you must install the License Client on each computer requiring a GE Software license.

Local License Server

You have the option to use a Local License Server as a central location for client devices to access and return required GE software licenses. You can manage these licenses on the server using the Local License Server Administration Tool. You can also use the Local License Server Settings Tool to adjust the lease expiry period, set up email notifications for license expiry reports, device expiry reports, and license instance count reports, and check or reset the NIC MAC address settings.