Error Messages

Visit https://digitalsupport to create a Technical Support case.

What does "activation ID count exceeded" mean?

You will receive this error if you try to use an activation code that is already in use on another computer To resolve it, locate the computer that has the license in use and use License Client to Return the license Then it will become available for use elsewhere If you are unable to return the license because of a hard failure, contact Technical Support and they can assist you in recovering your licenses.

What does "storage binding break found" mean?

You will get this error message if you have changed the computer name, NIC.

To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support and they can assist you in recovering your licenses

As a best practice, if you know you are going to be making changes to your machine (e g , rebuilding, changing machine names, changing NICs), we recommend using the Return feature in License Client to return your activation prior to making changes, then re-activating after the changes .

What does "activation ID ownership mis-match" mean?

Each activation code is associated with your CSN (Customer Service Number). Each machine can only be associated with one CSN. When you activate licenses to the GE Digital Cloud License Server, your machine will be assigned a CSN. If you then try to use another activation code that is associated with a different CSN (even if you had returned the previous license), you will get this error message.

To resolve this issue, contact Technical Support and they can assist you in associating your machine with the correct CSN

Why am I getting an "option is not enabled" error?

This error can occur if:
  • You are trying to use a feature or product and do not have that option enabled on your license.

    Use the License Client to verify the options available on your license If you need to add options, contact Sales Support or your local representative

  • You do not have the latest version of Common Licensing.

    There may be discrepancies between the options on the license and how the older version of Common Licensing is interpreting them. Install the latest version of licensing from https://www ge com/digital/licensing-and-product-authorization.

  • You have installed the latest Common Licensing software and verifed that you have the option in License Client.

    There could be an issue with the license configuration that needs to be corrected by GE Digital. Contact GE Digital Technical Support for assistance

How to troubleshoot a 0x70000034 error message?

When you try to activate a license on a client machine from a local license server, you may encounter a 0x70000034 error and the license activation fails.

The following are the conditions and the corresponding solutions to troubleshoot the error:

Condition 1

You have installed the license server on a virtual machine, and you have copied the virtual machine to a new host.

Solution 1

Contact the technical support to reset the device ID. The license can be re-activated on the virtual machine with the new server ID.

Steps to avoid this error:

  1. Return the license from the local license server to the GE cloud server prior to moving the virtual machine to a new host.
  2. Install the local license server on the new host.
  3. Re-activate the license from the GE cloud server to the local license server using the standard procedure for adding a license to a local license server.
Condition 2

You have remapped the virtual machine Network Interface Card(s) (NIC) to new NIC cards on the host PC.

Solution 2

Change the virtual machine settings back to use the original NIC card. You can use the ProficyServerConfiguration.log file located in the users\Documents folder to determine the previous NIC card. The server ID is generated from the first NIC card listed in the binding order under Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections > Advanced > Advanced Settings options.

Condition 3

You have the local license server installed on a machine with multiple NIC cards and the binding order of the network cards has changed.

Solution 3

Use the log file to determine the NIC card that was used to generate the server ID. In the ProficyServerConfiguration.log file, search the file for server ID. If more than one server ID is found in the log file, it is an indication that the server ID has changed. From the log file, determine the NIC card that is listed first in the binding order.

Note: The server ID will match the MAC Address of the NIC card.
Examples for log file listings:
  • NIC: E8B1FC4F2F08 Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) #3
  • NIC: 00FFE6E35B6B VirtualBox TAP Adapter
  • NIC: 54EE75148BA9 Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM
  • NIC: 005056C00001 VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet1
  • NIC: 005056C00008 VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter for VMnet8

If the server ID was originally 54EE75148BA9, you can see that the server ID was generated when the Intel NIC card was first listed at the top of the binding order. Since the binding order has changed, the server ID will be listed as E8B1FC4F2F08. To change the server ID, change the binding order of the network cards, then reboot your system. If none of the above solutions work, please save a copy of the *.log files located in the users\Documents folder and contact GE technical support for further assistance.