Overview of Licensing Architecture

This document provides high level guidance on the factors you must consider when you design your licensing architecture for GE Digital Manufacturing software applications. GE Digital provides flexible options for licensing GE products considering the diverse needs of the users. Selecting and designing a licensing system that anticipates both your current and future needs will enable long-term growth with lower cost of ownership.

Note: Every license is tied to the Customer Support Number (CSN) under which it was ordered.
When a license is activated on a system or a hardware key for the first time, the device-ID of that system/hardware key is permanently associated with that CSN. A license for another CSN cannot be activated on that device, even if the original license is returned.
Note: If your computer was originally configured using a key belonging to an Integrator or a Partner; or if a customer places orders under multiple CSNs, contact GE Digital Support for assistance.

To manage your GE Proficy Licenses, the License Client software is required in your computer (physical or virtual). This typically requires GE Common Licensing software to be installed on your computer, to activate GE product licenses with the available options as described in the topic Activate and Maintain your GED Manufacturing Licenses.

For more information, refer to Quick Start Guide.