2.1.3. Enter SCHEDULE Region OOS Specifications

About this task

Click if the OOS section is not displaying..

In the Out of Seq section, you can specify where out of sequence (OOS) items should go.

A Detainment Region
B Remaining OOS Configuration
  1. Detainment Region


  1. Click the Popup menu button  to the right of the Detainment Region field in the SCHEDULE region's PRT Region Configuration dialog box.
  2. Select New on the Popup menu.

    A new PRT Region Configuration dialog box opens; the Group and Resource fields are automatically filled in, as follows.

    Group ASSEMBLY
    Resource TRACKING
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Fields that you fill in and that are automatically filled in are as follows.
    Field Value
    Enter the following values.
    2 Description Electronic Assembly Detainment Area
    3 Locations 400
    4 Items per Location 4
    5 Label DETAIN
    6 Tracking Type Detainment. Note: The default is Sequential and needs to be changed.
    7 The following values are automatically entered. They are correct for the DETAINMENT region.
    Service PRT_DC
    Region Type Normal
    Status point DETAINMENT.TK_STAT
    Auto Move point DETAINMENT.TK_AUMOV
  5. Click OK.


    1. The PRT Configuration dialog box for the DETAINMENT region closes.
    2. The PRT Region Configuration dialog box for the SCHEDULE region displays again.
    3. DETAINMENT Is entered in the Detainment Region field.

    Note: Alarming and Logging will not be configured for the DETAINMENT region.

    1. Remaining OOS Configuration

    Fill in the other two fields in the Out of Seq section of the SCHEDULE region PRT Region Configuration dialog box as follows.

    1 OOS cycle 25
    2 OOS Action Delay Detain