2.7. Enter System Definitions

About this task

A Open the System Definition Configuration Dialog Box
B Enter System Definition Values
C Finish System Definitions Configuration
  1. Open the System Definition Configuration Dialog Box
  1. Expand the PRT tree in the Tracker window left pane.
  2. Do the following.
A Double-click System Definitions.
B Right-click the default entries in the TrackerCfg_UI right-pane.
C Select Edit on the Popup menu.

Result: The selected System Definition Configuration dialog box opens.

  1. Enter System Definition Values

Enter the following system definition values for the CIMPTRACK project.

1 Interface request 10
2 API synchronous 10
3 API interested process 100
4 Data Collector main 20
5 Data Server main 20
6 Data Server throttle 20
7 DS interested process port 50
8 Data Collector aux port 10
  1. Finish System Definitions Configuration


  1. Click OK in the System Definition Configuration dialog box.

    The dialog box closes. The system definitions are changed in the TrackerCfg_UI.

  2. Click the Save button on the TrackerCfg_UI toolbar.


The revised system definitions are saved.