If you completed this tutorial, you have taken a huge step in working with Tracker.

  • By using a tracking model, you were able to configure your tracking system by editing the necessary data files.
  • You were then able to use the PRT UI to add, modify, move, and delete items.
  • Using the Export and Import programs, you were able to take a snapshot of your production process and modify your snapshot while tracking was down.
  • When tracking came back up, you were able to import the new snapshot and continue tracking process.
  • By using CimView screens, you created a run-time model of your tracking process with information and control abilities.
  • By using Basic Control Engine extensions, you were able to add, modify, and delete items, and to create decision control capabilities into our process.
  • Using RCO and RCO UI you were able to modify item attributes, set points, and automatically route items based on various scenarios.
  • Congratulations!