About the CIMPLICITY Tracker Tutorial

About this task

This tutorial provides you with a snapshot of the options and procedures available for tracking a production process. It will be most beneficial if you are acquainted with many CIMPLICITY features including point configuration, CimEdit configuration, Basic Control Engine scripting and alarming.

There will be links throughout this tutorial to more detailed documentation (that is not in the tutorial) about the topic you are reviewing or working on.

You will find that:

  • Some topics in the tutorial provide you with detailed configuration descriptions, particularly when you might be unfamiliar with the configuration.
  • Other topics are exercises that suggest that you do the configuration yourself.
    Note: When answers are not easily found in a previous topic, an answer topic will be available for you to check your work.
  • Each exercise builds on what you learned in previous exercises. Therefore, it is important that you follow them in order.

Tracker Tutorial: Subject/Process Details

In this Tracker tutorial, you are in charge of assembling and shipping an electronic product. This includes configuring the details required to bring  three blocks through a factory process.


  1. There is an area where the carriers reside until they are needed.
  2. The various parts of the electronic product are verified and placed onto a carrier.
  3. The product/carrier is then moved to the automatic assembly area where, depending on the decision criteria, it is automatically routed to one of two assembly machines.
  4. After automatic assembly (regardless of which machine was used), the product is moved to the pack and ship area. 
    Note: There is only one area for pack and ship.
  5. The assembled product is removed from the carrier.
  6. Documentation is added; the product is boxed and placed onto a pallet
  7. (After four boxes have been placed onto a pallet) the pallet is moved to the warehouse for storage.

    Electronic Product Attributes are:

    Attribute Name Description
    CUSTOMER ORDER # Alphanumeric value
    COLOR Red, Green, or Blue
    CPU SER # Holds the CPU Serial Number
    BASE PLATFORM Checklist item
    DRIVE HOUSING Checklist item
    SUB_ASSEMBLY A Checklist item
    SUB_ASSEMBLY B Checklist item
    ASSEMBLY HOUSING Checklist item
    POWER SUPPLY Checklist item
    PROD START TIME Time/date of product start
    AUTOCELL MACHINE Machine Number
    AUTOCELL TEMP Temperature
    AUTOCELL TIME Time/date of assembly
    DVD Checklist item
    MANUALS Checklist item
    WARRANTY Checklist item
    PACK TIME time/date when packed

    Tracker Tutorial: Main Sections

    The Tracker Tutorial will bring you through the basic procedures and exercises to set up the factory process.

    You will find detailed descriptions about how to use the various procedures and then, you will be given exercises so you can make sure you understand what was completed. The exercises are integral with the factory process configuration.

    Step Description
    1 Set up for the Tracker Tutorial
    2 Configure Production Tracking (PRT)
    3 Use the Production Tracking User Interface (PRT_UI)
    4 Export and Import Production Tracking Data
    5 Create a Simple CimView Screen
    6 Use BCE Extensions to Modify Tracking Information
    7 Use BCE Extensions to Control the ROBOT_CONV to MACHINE Process
    8 Create a Routing Control Object to Modify and Route Items
    9 Create a Split Routing RCO Site
    10 Use Logging with Tracker
    11 Configure Alarming for Tracker