Exercise 2.1. Add Additional Regions to CIMPTRACK

Your tracking model needs to have regions for each area in your factory floor sketch.

  1. Create Additional Regions.
  2. Add more regions according to the following chart. Remember to enable Alarming and Logging as you did for the schedule region.
  3. Leave the following entries, which will automatically display until they are changed.
Field Entry

Note: Refer to the steps for configuration of the Schedule Region if needed.

If you refer to the rough sketch of the factory floor, you will see that these regions have been identified for the manufacturing process.

When you finish this procedure, they will be entered in the PRT database.

  Region ID   Locations Items per Location   Tracking Type   Region Type   OOS
SCHEDULE 500 1 Sequential Normal 25
LOAD 1 2 Sequential Combine 0
ROBOT_CONV 50 2 Sequential Normal 1
LOAD_CONV 300 1 Sequential Normal 25
MACHINE0 50 2 Sequential Normal 25
MACHINE1 50 2 Sequential Normal 25
PACK_CONV 50 2 Sequential Normal 25
UNLOAD 1 2 Sequential Disperse 1
PALLET 1 4 Sequential Normal 1
WAREHOUSE 250 4 Pool Normal NA
DETAINMENT 400 4 Detainment Normal NA

Already configured

  1. Review the Completed Region List
  1. Check to see that all your required regions appear in the configuration window when you are finished.
  2. Click the Save button on the TrackerCfg_UI toolbar to save the configuration.
  3. Click Yes when the message box asks you if Tracker should auto-create the missing region points.
Important: Make sure your configuration is saved when you have completed the exercise.