5. Create a Simple CimView Screen

About this task

The PRT_UI window has an important role in working with Tracker.

However, it is difficult to get an overall picture of the tracking process using the PRT_UI window.

A CimView screen

  • Can show you all of the regions, along with corresponding information.
  • Allows for business logic defined access to PRT data; PRT_UI does not.
  • Basic CIMPTRACK Shape on a CimEdit Screen: Create
  • Simple CimView Screen: Procedures

Basic CIMPTRACK Shape on a CimEdit Screen: Create


  1. Start CimEdit.
  2. Create some rectangle blocks and lines to represent the rough tracking model that you created when you started the tutorial.

    Your screen layout should look similar to this:

    Simple CimView Screen: Procedures

    5.1 Configure a Quantity Text Object for the SCHEDULE Region
    Exercise 5.1 Configure/Display the Quantity for all Regions
    5.2 Configure a Toggle Button for the LOAD to ROBOT_CONV Route
    Exercise 5.2 Create the Remaining Toggle Buttons
    5.3 Configure a Button for the SCHEDULE to LOAD Route
    Exercise 5.3 Create a Variable Setpoint Button for the UNLOAD to PALLET Route