8. Create a Routing Control Object to Modify and Route Items

While you have shown that you can control your process using BCE Tracker extensions, you also have the ability to control your process using RCO.

With RCO, you don't have to learn a lot of code; simply fill in the blanks.

8.1 Create a Screen to Update Points that will Hold your Attributes
Exercise 8.1 Configure Additional Buttons for the attrentry.cim Screen
8.2 Set up an Attribute Maintenance List for your RCO Configuration
8.3 Configure an AddParts Routing Control Site
8.4 Apply the ADDPARTS_DONE Point to the attrentry.cim Screen
8.5 Test the AddParts RCO
8.6 Add Another Function Block to the AddParts RCO
8.7 Implement the RCO Move Block/Carrier Configuration