Exercise 2.2. Add Additional Item Types to CIMPTRACK

Add more item types according to the following chart. 

Note: Refer to the steps for configuration of the item types, if needed.

A Create additional Item Types
B Review the Completed Item Type List
  1. Create additional Item Types
  1. Create all the item types on the following table.
  2.  Enter the related specifications that are listed on the table for each item type.
Item: Type ID   Description Item Type Code   Item Class   Tracking Type
00 Assembly Carrier 1 CARRIER Serialized
25 Assembly Model 25 2 BLOCK Serialized
36 Assembly Model 36 3 BLOCK Serialized
60 Assembly Model 60 4 BLOCK Serialized
99 Assembly Model 99 5 BLOCK Serialized
  1. Review the Completed Item Type List
  1. Check to see that all your required item types are listed in the configuration window when you are finished.
  2. Click the Save button on the Tracker Configuration window toolbar when the list is complete.
  3. Double-click Item Types.

Result: The saved Item Type list displays in the Tracker Configuration window right-pane.

Important: Make sure your configuration is saved when you have completed the exercise