2.4. Review Default Status Codes

You can specify the various status conditions that exist for the CIMPTRACK regions and items (e.g. hold, normal, waiting) by editing Status Configurations.

However, since CIMPLICITY comes with default status conditions for items, regions and internal processes, it is not necessary to edit these.

Select PRT>Advanced>Status Codes in the TrackerCfg_UI left-pane to see the default status codes.

The four default Status conditions/Bit Set for items are:

Status Code Label
1 DLAYD delayed
2 EHOLD external hold
3 HOLD internal hold
4 INORML normal
The seven default Region Status conditions are:
Status Code Label
1 RCAPEXC capacity exc
2 REHOLD external hold
3 RFULL region full
4 RINLOCK in lock
5 RNORML normal
6 ROUTLOCK out lock
7 ROUTSEQ out of seq