5. Object Transparency

About this task

  • Transparency overview
  • Transparency configuration
  • Transparency configuration and runtime example

Transparency Overview

An object can become more or less transparent during runtime, based on a specified expression value.


  1. Select the object whose transparency you want to change.


    A kiln will have text display SLOW START UP as it starts up and fade to invisible when the temperature reaches 45.

    The same kiln will have a DANGER sign slowly become opaque as the temperature goes from 130 through 150.

  2. Open the objects Properties dialog box.
  3. Configure the transparency.

    Transparency Configuration

    Select Transparency in the Properties dialog box.

    Transparency options are as follows.

    A Expression
    B Expr. min/max
    C Min/max value
    A Expression

    A point ID or expression that will determine the object transparency percent within the entered minimum and maximum values.

    Opens the Expression Editor.
    Opens a Popup menu.
    B Expr. min/max
    Note:  If the Expression field contains a single point ID with no operations performed on it and the point has Display Limits defined, you may leave the Expr. Min/Max fields blank. CimView will use the Display Limits configured for the point ID during runtime.
    C Min/max value
    Left field  
    Right field  

    Transparency Configuration and Runtime Example

    A CimView screen will report when a kiln is starting up and when it exceeds a minimum temperature.

    • Text reporting the startup will slowly fade off the screen.
    • A danger sign will slowly become more visible.
    • Both are based on values of the same point: HEAT301.


    A The start up message HEAT301 transparency entries are as follows.
    Expr. min/max    
    Min/max value    
    B The danger sign HEAT301 transparency entries are as follows.
    Expr. min/max    
    Min/max value    

    Runtime Performance

    During runtime the startup text and danger sign display as follows.

    Temp. Startup Text Danger Sign
    0 100% Visible Invisible
    25 50% Visible Invisible
    100 Invisible Invisible
    140 Invisible 50% Visible
    150 Invisible 100% Visible