Preliminary Layout

About this task

CimEdit offers you a wide assortment of objects and object types to place on your CimEdit screen.

You can place objects that deal with data from any source you specify and display the data or evaluation results in a manner that is most effective for your project's runtime requirements.

  • Available objects.
  • Object form.
  • Object layout
  • Object color in CimEdit.
  • Object shadow.
Tip: Place several of the objects you think you need before you start in-depth configuration. This way you can easily make changes in your choice of objects as you experiment with layout. This will also help you decide if you want to use the same object in more than one place on the same screen or on other screens. If that is the case, there are shortcuts available to you.

In CimEdit, you can easily create multiple copies of objects you create and configure. You can place the additional copies in different locations on the same screen or different screens.


  1. The most powerful method is to create as many link containers as you need from a linked object.

    Link containers created from a linked object initially contain all the properties of the linked object. In addition, when a component designer updates a linked object, all of its link containers are automatically updated. A basic method is to copy an object from one screen to another, leaving the original object on the first screen.

  2. If you want to change the location of an object, you can simply cut it from one screen and paste it on another.

    While you are determining what objects to use, take advantage of CimEdit's tools to experiment with the layout by moving the objects around, flipping them and rotating them.