9. Frame Animation

Frames can be a time saving configuration choice if you have a section of a screen that will change considerably during runtime, based on a configured set of conditions.

The frame concept in CimEdit is based on frames that are created for a film. You create the frames in a frame container. While you work in an open Frame Container, you can select objects in the current frame, but you cannot select other objects on the screen.

As you configure frames, you can move forward and backward to view and edit the different frames. During runtime, at any given moment, the frame with the conditions that are TRUE will display.

You may create any object in a Frame Container that you can create on your screen.

Step 1 Open a frame container.
Step 2 Create new frames.
Step 3 Customize frame container names.
Step 4 Configure objects that are in frames.
Step 5 Configure frame animation.
Step 6 Configure frame container properties.