ActiveX Controls

The ActiveX control, originally developed by Microsoft to support the creation of Internet-enabled applications, provides interactive controls within an application, on or off the Internet. ActiveX controls are at the forefront of software technology. Many vendors develop these controls.

As a CIMPLICITY user, you now have access to this vast library of controls to use in CimView screens and to supplement the CIMPLICITY Symbol and SmartObject Library. When you incorporate ActiveX controls into a CimEdit screen, you greatly enhance the functionality and ease-of-use of your CimView screens.

ActiveX Controls allow different types of software objects to communicate, using standard interfaces. Developers create ActiveX controls, and you incorporate them into any software application that supports ActiveX controls. The software application acts as a container to "hold" an ActiveX control. It is up to you to configure the ActiveX control into the software application so that it provides the end-user with an easy, meaningful way to view or manipulate data.

ActiveX controls can be gauges, charts, displays, graphs, or any other object that allows a user to access the particular functionality of the object. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ActiveX developers who have created thousands of different ActiveX controls. Some ActiveX controls are distributed at no cost, while others must be purchased. Once you acquire them, they are at your disposal when creating your CimEdit screens.

ActiveX Control Installation

Before you can use ActiveX controls in your CimEdit screen, they must be installed on your computer. Typically, when you download or purchase an ActiveX control from a vendor, you receive a setup or install file that must be run to install the ActiveX control. This executable program will take you through the steps necessary to successfully install the ActiveX control files on your hard drive and register the new control with your operating system.

As each vendor has its way of installing ActiveX controls, installation procedures will vary. Follow your vendor's installation instructions.

Given that there are thousands of ActiveX controls, there are several ways to use these controls to display and transmit CIMPLICITY project information and point data.

CIMPLICITY provides you with ActiveX controls that enable you to track and analyze detailed data pertaining to a project's points and alarms. CIMPLICITY ActiveX controls that may be included with your CIMPLICITY configuration include CIMPLICITY:

  • AMV Control.
  • HAD-Viewer Editor Control.
  • Portal
  • Recipe Control.
  • SPC Control.
  • Trend Control.
  • XY Plot Control.