Object Shadow

Shadows can help give objects a 3-D effect and make them stand out on a CimView screen.

CimEdit options provide you with the flexibility to create normal or diffuse shadows at selected distances and angles in custom selected transparent or opaque colors.

1 Display shadow properties.
2 Select shadow properties.

Display Shadow Properties

  1. Select the object that will have the shadow.
  1. Do one of the following.
  • Double-click the object
  • Right-click the object; select Properties on the Popup menu.
  • Click the Properties button in the Home>Properties group.

Result: The object's Properties dialog box opens.

Select Shadow Properties

Select Shadows in the Properties dialog box.

Shadows specifications are as follows.

A Style
B Distance
C Angle
D Color
A Style

The shadow style provides a solid or more blurred effect.

Note: The exact display is affected by the selected color and transparency.

Shadow style options are:

Option The shadow attribute:
None Is not applied to the object.
Note: If the object included a shadow when it was inserted, that shadow will continue to display.
Normal Includes all of the pixels assigned to the selected color transparency, giving the shadow a more solid appearance.
Diffuse Presents a gradient type, blurred view.
B Distance

The entered distance causes the shadow to:

  • Move closer to or away from the object.
  • Be more or less prominent.
  • Influence the 3-D effect.

Note: The distance is tied to the angle, which determines where the shadow will be placed relative to the object.


The shadow display for an object with a diffuse 50% transparent black (at a 315 degree (-45 degree) angle) depends on its specified distance.

Distance Shadow Display
5 Pt. When the shadow distance is small, the shadow is almost hidden.
10 Pt. As the shadow distance increases, the shadow becomes more noticeable.
15 Pt. A higher shadow distance continues to make the shadow more noticeable.
C Angle

The angle influences the object's perspective.

45° 90° 135°
360°/0° 315°/-45° 270°/-90° 225°/135°
D Color

The shadow can be any color at any transparency.