About CimLayout

CimLayout: provides the means to organize more than one CimView screen into a container that opens all of the screens at the same time; the container is organized according to your specifications.

  • CimLayout containers overview.
  • CimLayout configuration.

CimLayout Containers Overview

Important: CimLayout provides the capability to open and display several CimView screens at the same time. However, keep in mind your system's capabilities and resources when configuring the layout.

CimLayout provides the following layout selections.

  • Screen container.
  • Splitter container.
  • Tab container.

Screen Container

The screen container:

  • Consists of one screen only.
  • Is normally the last level in a layout section.
  • Screen container level selections determine the CimView:
  • Screen that will display
  • Features, e.g. status bar, Navigation bar and/or toolbar, which will display for the selected screen.

Splitter Container

The splitter container:

  • Splits the container or selected container section into two or more sections.
  • Splitter container level selections determine the
  • Location and direction of the splitter bar.
  • Sizing of the splitter section.
  • Is defined by the splitter bar direction, as follows.

Splitter bar: Vertical

Splitter bar: Horizontal

Splitter bar: Vertical and Horizontal

Tab Container

A tab container provides tabs; each tab can display a screen container.

CimLayout Configuration

1 Open the CimLayout Configuration Editor
2 CimLayout Configuration Editor: components.
3 CimLayout: monitor selections.
4 CimLayout: container type configuration.
5 CimLayout: variables.