About CIMPLICITY Screens

CIMPLICITY provides powerful tools to create runtime user interfaces that are customized for your systems requirements.

The tools include:

Tool Description
CimEdit CimEdit, an object oriented graphics editing tool, is configuration half of the CimEdit/CimView duo is easy to learn and easy to use configuration tool that enables you to blend industry standards with advanced interface designs.
CimView CimView, an interactive graphical user interface through which you can monitor and control your facility, is the runtime half of the CimEdit/CimView duo. Note: If a Navigation bar is configured and selected to display, it displays in all CimView sessions running on the Server.
Screen Navigation Bar CimView Navigation includes CimView menus that runtime operators can use to easily find, select and open any screen to which they have access.
CimLayout CimLayout: provides the means to organize more than one CimView screen into a container that opens all of the screens at the same time; the container is organized according to your specifications
Proficy Portal When the Proficy Real-Time Information Portal control is configured on a CimEdit screen, CimView users can browse for RTIP screens in the Proficy database and view Proficy Portal screens.
VisiconX VisiconX™ is a GE Intelligent Platforms Plug and Solve® solution for the Proficy iFIX® and CIMPLICITY® products. It is an easy-to-use, object-oriented development tool for accessing data in any type of database. Its simple point-and-click interface provides the means to configure access to any database and then create an SQL query as simple or complex as necessary to retrieve the information you need. The CIMPLICITY Object Explorer provides VisiconX control objects that can be configured on a CimEdit screen and run in CimView.