4. Object Fill

About this task

  • Fill overview
  • Fill configuration
  • Runtime example

Fill Overview

Fills are a useful way to let a CimView user quickly see the level of a point or expression's value during runtime.

You can create fill animation for shapes that are single objects or included in a group.

Tip: The CimEdit Smart Object library provides a large assortment of fill Smart Objects, including tanks and a large number of fill shapes for you to use.


  1. Select the object you want to fill.
  2. Open the Properties dialog box.
  3. Configure the Fill

    Fill Configuration

    Fill configuration includes configuring the following.

    • Default fill color.
    • Animated fill.

    Default fill color

  4. Select Colors in the Properties dialog box.
  5. Select a fill color or pattern in the Fill section.

    This color will be the default color when the object is empty.

    Animated Fill

    Select Rotation/Fill in the Properties dialog box.

    Configuration options are as follows.

    A Expression
    B Expr. min/max
    C Direction
    D Fill style
    A Expression

    A point ID or expression that will determine how high the object will be filled.

    Opens the Edit Expression dialog box.
    Displays a Point Popup menu.
    B Expr. min/max


    Minimum value of the point ID or expression.

    This value or lower will cause the object to have no fill; it will display only the default color.


    Maximum value of the Point ID or expression.

    This value or higher will cause the object to be filled:  it will display only the fill color.


    An object has the following specifications

    Field Value Fill
    Min 0 Black
    Max 2500 Blue gradient

    During runtime, the object displays as follows.

    Min Max
    Note:  If the Expression field contains a single point ID with no operations performed on it and the point has Display Limits defined, you may leave the Expr. Min/Max fields blank. CimView will use the Display Limits configured for the point ID during runtime.
    C Direction

    The fill direction includes the following.

    • Side of the object to start the fill.

    Options are:

    • Fill from bottom
    • Fill from left
    • Fill from right
    • Fill from top
    • Bipolar

    Bipolar fill is based on the following.

    Checked Deviation from the mean of the difference between the maximum and minimum value of the point or expression.
    Point/Expression value is:  
    Greater than the mean value  
    Equal to the mean value  
    Less than the mean value  
    Clear Expression value.
    D Fill style

    The fill style selection is the same procedure that is used for selecting color fills for other CimEdit procedures.

    Runtime Example

    • A tank fill expression specifications are:
    Min 0
    Max 2500
    • The runtime value is 1700.

    The fill display is based on the direction specifications.

    Fill from: Bi-Polar clear Bi-Polar checked