CimEdit Features

CimEdit includes the following features:

Interactive, dynamic point configuration allows you to add or modify point configuration data from anywhere within CimEdit.

A Point Browser dialog box lets you access any CIMPLICITY point on the entire network, and use the point to animate an object.

Standard Object shapes such as squares and rectangles, circles and ellipses, lines, polylines, arcs, pies, and cords are included.. You can define position, style, color, and rotation attributes, among others.

ActiveX embedded objects give your screens more power. Trend charts, spreadsheet charts, multimedia presentations, and live motion video can all provide power and extensibility to your system. OLE and ActiveX in-place editing of embedded objects allows you to view your screen as a single document without popping up other application windows. OLE and ActiveX drag-and-drop support means you can just drag an OLE or ActiveX object from one document to another. Drag Excel charts into CimEdit. Drag objects from one CimEdit screen to another.

A Drag and Drop Library of over 2000 Symbols and SmartObject™ objects makes creating screens a snap. The CIMPLICITY Object Explorer allows you to easily drag and drop the symbols and SmartObjects into the screens you are creating.

You can also add to the library by creating your own set of SmartObjects. SmartObjects are easily created with standard CIMPLICITY objects through Group Editing and Expression Variables. Group Editing provides the ability to edit properties of objects within a group without ungrouping the objects. Expression Variables provide the ability to use variables anywhere an expression or point can be used. A variable can be replaced with either a string or numeric value. The substitution of a variable can take place at either edit time or at run time.

Movement and Rotation are two animations that can be performed on objects.

Filled Objects including fill from top, bottom, left, right, or bi-directional. Bi-directional fill is a unique feature that allows you to configure a single object, which can fill in two directions from a center point. This is ideal for bipolar bar graphs.

Interior and Border Animation provides you the ability to animate the internal and outline aspects of objects. Interior Animation allows for color and pattern changes. Border Animation changes the line surrounding the object.

Events can be configured to handle

  • Expression High, Expression Update
  • Key Down, Key Up
  • Mouse Down, Mouse Up
  • Object Inserted, Object Removed
  • Periodic
  • Screen Close, Screen Open
  • SmartObject
  • While Key Down
  • While Mouse Down

Frame Animation is a compound object that allows a series of frames to be defined. Each frame can consist of different objects. A particular frame is displayed based on the value of an expression. This allows areas of the screen to change like a filmstrip.

Hold Last Value can be defined on a project basis. This feature allows you to configure the system to hold the last known values of points in your CimView screens if the points go into an Unavailable State. Text points in this state will display in a configured color (determined for the entire project).

Metafile Import allows Windows Metafile objects produced by programs such as AutoCad and PowerPoint to be cut and pasted into CimEdit. The imported images can be decomposed into CIMPLICITY objects and can be fully animated. This is in contrast to bitmap imports that remain as single static objects.

Point Search & Replace allows you to search the screen for a point and highlight all objects that contain the point. You can then replace point identifiers within a CimEdit screen by simply typing over the name in a list of points used in the screen.

Scalable Objects provides the ability to change the size of an object based on the value of a point. The object can be scaled independently in the X and Y directions.

Scripting allows Basic Control Engine Scripts to be run from a CimView procedure.

Undo/Redo allows you to undo and redo a series of modifications to graphic screens.

Visibility Animation allows an object's visibility to be controlled by an expression. If an object is invisible, it cannot be selected.

Online Help provides comprehensive, indexed documentation, which is just a keystroke away at any time.

Object Help can be configured for any object on the screen. The operator can then access this help at any time using the right mouse button.

Dynamic Screen Testing allows you to test screen-editing changes in CimEdit without changing your original screen. By using the Test button on the standard menu bar, you can automatically start a CimView window to view your edits without committing to them.

Export Capability to Operations Hub allows you to export a screen you created in CIMEdit and its compatible functionality, to Operations Hub.