Plan for Data Recovery

Planning for data recovery means always having up-to-date backup files for important information that you can call up and restore quickly when the need arises.

The .IHC file, which contains all configuration information, is an important file to back up. The .IHC file is automatically backed up when, and only when, you back up the current archive .IHA file. With the .IHC file, you can always restore the system configuration to the state it was in before the event occurred.

It is also important to backup the current online archive files *.IHA. If you restore the archive files, along with the configuration, you can quickly pick up where you left off when the event occurred with a minimum loss of data.

By default, the .IHC backup path is the same as the archives path. The .IHC uses the following naming convention: ComputerName_Config-Backup.ihc. If the default backup path is different than the archives path, the .IHC file is copied to the backup folder with the standard .IHC naming convention: ComputerName_Config.ihc .