Monitor Historian Performance

Historian provides a variety of counters and tags that can be used to monitor how well the Historian components are performing. You can use performance tags or counters to determine the resource usage on the computer that runs the Historian application. Performance counters are also useful when Historian Administrator is not installed or cannot connect.
  • Use performance tags to view information in an Excel report or SDK program, possibly along with other Historian tags.
  • Use performance counters to view information using Windows Performance monitor, possibly along with non-Historian counter information.

Like any Windows performance counter, you must add the counters for collection to view history. Performance tags are always being collected and you can view past data any time.

Performance counters are updated in real time. Performance tags are updated once per minute with the activity over the last minute.

Performance counters contain more information than tags.

Any counter can be collected to a tag using the Historian Windows Performance Collector. Those tags will count against your licensed tag count.

For more information, refer to the following sections:
  • Historian Server Performance Tags
  • Historian Server Performance Counters