About this task

  • BcoComp debug file.
  • BcoComp debug information.

When triggered, BcoComp:


  1. Generates a job.
  2. Places the job in a <SpoolLocation> that is specified in a spoolocation.txt file.
    • Spoolocation.txt is located in the ...[CIMPLICITY path]\RCO\ directory.
    • <SpoolLocation> is defined as <ProjectName>\ACTIVE\<DeviceName>
  3. Updates the DeviceGroup List when BcoComp successfully places the job in the folder.

    BcoComp debug file

    If Debug_Bco=1 is in debugbco.txt.


    • Generates a debug file named LogFile_<ProjectName><UniqueID>.txt.
    • Places the file in in c:\TEMP.

    BcoComp Debug information

    Information in LogFile_<ProjectName><UniqueID>.txt includes:

    Success conditions

    When a form is successfully created, a success message is written into a file as follows:

    Form File name
    ASCII ASCII Broadcast Success
    WYSIWYG WYSIWYG Broadcast Success