The Editor is:

  • Involved only when File>Test Print is used for a WYSIWYG form.
  • Instantiated by both:
  • BCOComp

For Fetch&Merge and then saving the form in the Active folder.

  • BQM components

Picks the job from Active folder and then posts the job to the specified device for each broadcast.

So, there will be two debug files getting generated for each broadcast as shown in “sample” below.

Note: When a user selects to  Resent or Redirect a job through the Broadcast Web pages, the Editor is instantiated only by the BQM. This insures that there will be only one debug file that is being generated.

Editor debug file

If Debug_EDITOR=1 is in debugbco.txt.


  • Generates a debug file named LoginInWYS_Editor + <UniqueID><ProjectName>.err.
  • Places the file in c:\TEMP.

Editor Debug information

Data in the debug file includes:

  • Messages are logged with time stamp.
  • List of all the messages in the Broadcast process flow
  • Logs any errors or warnings logs appropriately


“Printer Error Message:- Print Form with Height 635.00  and Width  213.31, ( in mm ) does not exist. This Job is force printed”.

Note: Messages for BroadcastFetchNMerge will be logged when BCOComp is included in Broadcast. However, these messages are not logged if BQM participates in the Broadcast process.