About Broadcast Function Blocks

RCO provides you with Broadcast (BCO) function blocks to direct printing of the published forms.

  • Function blocks
  • Example: Broadcast Form Site configuration

Function Blocks

Blocks include:

  • Get ASCII Form
  • Get ASCII Form By Variable
  • Get WYSIWYG Form
  • Get WYSIWYG Form By Variable
  • Send ASCII Form
  • Send ASCII Form BY Variable
  • Send Form to Device
  • Send WYSIWYG Form
  • Send WYSIWYG Form By Variable
  • Set Point with ASCII Data
  • Set Point with ASCII Data Based on Region

Example: Broadcast Form Site Configuration

Following is an example for configuring a Broadcast Form site.

Step 1 Create a Broadcast Form site.
Step 2 Create a new trigger sequence.
Step 3 Create a new decision.
Step 4 Test the broadcast form.