Order Execution Management Broadcast Runtime Overview

Tracker Broadcast operates as follows during runtime.

The configured Broadcast function blocks are executed.

Broadcast gathers the required item information. Information, that is selected in ASCII and/or WYSIWYG forms comes from any of the following sources: Tracker extended attributes, Tracker attributes, Tracker Attribute Database, System data, or Query engine.

Broadcast then: Merges the data with the form and generates a file with a name that is generated from the fields in the generic field configuration. This output file is queued to the specified device through the Windows Print Queue Manager. Prints the form when it is first in the queue.

  1. Note: If Broadcast is unable to place the job in the device queue, the following occurs:
Reason unable to place job in queue Result
An error Tracker redirects the job to the secondary device, if a secondary device is configured in the broadcast.
Queue size has reached its configured limit An alarm is generated. Note: The user can configure alarms at two levels of the queue.